The Fort brings students into the heart of history by using modern technology to tell the stories of Mobile’s past. We aim to share our rich history and encourage citizen engagement through publications, podcasts, music, photographs, videos, classroom guides, and teacher training. To book your field trip please email us at [email protected]/

We are now proud to offer Summer Camp options! 

Campers will be divided into age appropriate groups based on the grade completed in 2017 (K-2) (3-5) (6-8)! Each camper will receive a complimentary duck tour with Gulf Coast Ducks! Please see registration form here and email completed form to [email protected]/

Drop off time is from 8:30-9:00am.

Campers will need to provide their own lunch. Snacks will be provided.

  • June 12-16               Pirates and Princesses
  • June 19-23               Voyagers and Explorers
  • June 26-30              Entrepreneurship
  • July 5-7                     Living with the Land
  • July 10-14                Leadership
  • July 17-21                World Exploration
  • July 24-28               Colonial Life and Arts
  • July 31-August 4   Teamwork

Pirates and Princesses:

Calling all pirates and princesses!  Off we go to days when pirates ruled the seas and royalty ruled the land.  Explore castles, build ships, create crowns, and pirate maps, then search for buried treasure. Aye, your majesty, this camp is filled with a bounty of games, activities and creative experiences for our noble princesses and seafaring pirates!  

Voyagers and Explorers:

Adventure awaits campers around each and every corner of the Fort. Get a taste of the challenging lives of voyagers and explorers: orienteering, tracking, and other outdoor survival skills; plus, campers will practice woodworking by building model canoes and putting them to the test in a race. Join us as we follow the footsteps of the explorers who came before us!


Enjoy a variety of talks from local business owners, learn business basics, develop a business plan, and tour Mobile shops and restaurants to learn different aspects of business operations.  Kids conclude camp with a basic business plan and goals for their new business concepts.  Participants learn about punctuality, work ethic, and market shifts in a safe environment where parents are encouraged to be as hands-off as possible so kids can be in control of their own kid-business.

Living with the Land:

Let the sun keep track of time during this camp at the Fort! Living off the land isn’t only important for if you want to survive in the wilderness. When we choose fruit at a grocery store, we are living off the land. The water we drink is clean and plentiful if we care for the land, aquifers, rivers and lakes. Explore how the land is essential for our survival. Through hands-on activities, experience the work and rewards of caring for the land.


Campers will learn various skills such as how to direct people, how to achieve success and resolve conflicts. This camp seeks to build up the confidence of a person, something that all leaders should possess. This camp is composed of a series of activities that will develop the campers’ critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. The goal of this camp is to empower participants in such a way that they will want to become leaders in their community.

World Exploration:

Dig into history at the Colonial Fort of Mobile! Join our experienced educators for a weeklong summer adventure, where campers explore this 300-year-old fort. Discover the cultures of the French, British, Spanish, and Americans that once ruled the City of Mobile and  explore the tools that modern archaeologists use to uncover the ancient past. Campers will be able to search for artifacts throughout the Fort and learn about the rich traditions that encompass our history.

Colonial Life and Arts:

What was it like to grow up in colonial times? Travel back through time to learn what life was like when the Fort was built in 1723, while experiencing the trials, tribulations and triumphs of homesteading. This fun-filled camp gets you involved in a various array of activities that promote theatre, music, art, and colonial life to inspire young people to discover the world around them, bringing history to life.


Summer camp is an incredible opportunity for any child to develop confidence, leadership and social skills, and important teamwork skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Team building incorporates dimensions of positive youth development such as competence, caring, connection, and belonging within a group. This camp promotes teamwork through fun activities and games where kids will apply problem solving skills by using their individual interests and talents.